Offer a unique digital customer service
in car dealerships and workshops

Digitize your entire customer interaction with PayMail Automotive. You save valuable time and gain security. Your customers gain unimagined flexibility and transparency.

PayMail Automotive

Minimize physical contact while increasing customer satisfaction
– from making an appointment to handing over the vehicle.

Featured in:

Online repair order

  • Create an online repair order by taking a picture of VIN or license plate.
  • Upload videos and pictures of the exterior check.
  • Provide your customers with an order checklist online.
  • Inform your customers about additional repairs and the resulting costs.

Landing page for customers

  • Your customers receive an encrypted link via email or SMS to their personal landing page (website), where they can view all information about the order at any time.
  • PayMail Automotive sends an automatic notification with every status update.
  • Your customers can approve order changes directly and legally binding via the landing page.

Integrated chat & notifications

  • Communicate directly with your customers via chat – either with text or voice messages.
  • In addition, you can also chat and write messages regarding the order internally.
  • Your responsible service consultant will receive a notification for every status update, such as for incoming payments.

Online payment

  • Send your customers the invoice by e-mail when the repair is completed.
  • Your customers can conveniently pay the invoice online – with the payment method of their choice.
  • After the transaction is completed, you can send your customers a customer satisfaction survey.

Key box pickup

  • Your customers can choose to pick up their vehicle outside business hours after payment has been made.
  • Communicate all necessary information about the key box pickup.
  • On the landing page, customers receive the description of the location, an image of the box and the required code.

The advantages of PayMail Automotive

Offer your customers a contactless, fully digital repair experience

Increased customer satisfaction

Full transparency and ongoing communication, anytime, anywhere.

Complete cost control

No unpleasant situations due to unclear additional expenses.

Precious time saved

Avoid long queues at the service desk thanks to online payment.

Efficient handling of payments

Online payment is safe for you and convenient for your customers.

Top service despite social distancing

Be close to your customers although physical contact is difficult.

Smart sustainability

Save resources with paperless

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Register your company with PayMail Automotive.

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Onboarding training

Train your employees with our methodology.

Inform customers

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Unique customer service

Offer a fully digital and contactless customer experience.

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PayMail Automotive creates a better service experience for your customers and a relaxed working experience in your team. Freed up creativity and increased customer satisfaction offer you competitive and cost advantages. At its core, PayMail Automotive ensures simpler processes and easier communication.
Dr. Charsten Wienbreyer

Head of Sales, The PayMail

Give your customers the flexibility
they deserve.

Experience the unique digital customer service with
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