The PayMail – Enterprise

The PayMail enterprise has been developed for customers from the corporate environment and also for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Maximum value has been placed on data privacy, functionality, ease of operation and fail-safety when doing this. All of our customers are given comprehensive advice and support during the adaptation of PayMail to individual needs and requirements.

For example, we integrate our solution in our customers’ apps, adapt corporate identity and functions to the existing environment or seamlessly incorporate PayMail into the existing system environment.


The PayMail Automotive solution has been specially developed for the requirements and needs of car workshops and dealers. Process are simplified for the user, and faster invoice payment is made possible for customers. The risk of payment defaults is reduced, and the facility helps to increase customer satisfaction.

PayMail Automotive is available as SaaS (Software as a Service). No other infrastructure or hardware investments are required. The software can be set up in just a few minutes. PayMail is intuitive and easy to operate for all users.

With Paymail you send your invoices to your customers automatically by e-mail. Your customers can check the invoice in their own time before picking up the vehicle, and make direct contact with your service adviser if necessary. Customers can pay in advance and using any of the online payment methods which you have enabled for them securely and conveniently using a Pay button.

The process with PayMail
The advantages of PayMail Automotive

Your advantages as an entrepreneur

"State of the Art" payment process

  • Customer queries regarding the service and the invoice can be discussed in advance by telephone with the service consultant.
  • Unpleasant situation at the service desk between customer and your coworkers are avoided.
  • The vehicle pickup and transfer becomes much more efficient and faster.
  • Too late or unpaid bills are avoided.
  • Customer satisfaction is enhanced by the fast and state-of-the-art digital payment process and the significantly shorter or even waived waiting time.
  • They contribute to an efficient and paperless, environmentally friendly process

Customer Benefits

Erfüllen Sie die Erwartungen Ihrer Kunden

  • Legally binding confirmation of further customer service and service work on the customer vehicle that goes beyond the originally agreed scope of service.
  • The customer can view and check the invoice before picking up the vehicle. If there are any questions, the customer can contact his customer service representative in advance
  • Fast and efficient vehicle and key collection
  • Convenient online payment options for the customer (home or mobile)
  • Individual payment options for the customer (for example also by third parties, parents, friends, partners, company, etc.)
  • Time savings for the customer

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