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You can quickly bill your customers for your services online and digitally with PayMail. Providing your customers with the same convenience & security that they are familiar with from online shopping..

Our PayMail software

makes processes considerably simpler , allows you to make quick, immediate payment of issued invoices, increases customer satisfaction and reduces the risk of payment default.

Our PayMail software

is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) – it is not an additional infrastructure, and no other investments need to be made by the dealer. Logging in and setting up the software takes just a few hours, and it is intuitive and simple for users to operate.

With our PayMail software

can send your invoice to your customers by e-mail, including a link to an online payment facility. When this occurs, your employees have access to a dashboard which shows the current status of the invoice (received / opened / paid).

With our PayMail software

your customer can examine his invoice before picking up his vehicle, and has the choice of conveniently paying from home or online when he is on the move. All payment procedures are dealt with via secure and certified payment links using selected PSPs (Payment Service Providers).

Benefit from the many advantages:

Online Payment

Give your customers the opportunity to pay online for the services that you provide.

Easy to process for you, and our dashboard also gives you a real-time overview of the payment status of your customers.


We help you to achieve a considerable increase in customer satisfaction.

Your customer can conveniently use the payment method that you have enabled (e.g.: Immediate transfer, credit card, SEPA, PayPal and many others) from home or on the move (using a Smartphone or tablet).

High security

Our payment processes are not just technically up to date at all times, but adhere to the same high security standards as the ones that are normally used in online banking and online shopping.

You are therefore not at risk of potential payment failures or the like.

State of the Art

You can offer your customers a fully digitalized payment procedure with PayMail like the ones that are expected almost everywhere nowadays.

You therefore give yourself a clear competitive advantage compared to your competitors, and also increase customer satisfaction at the same time.


Software as a Service (SaaS)
PayMail is available as a web-based SaaS solution (Software as a Service) and can be used from any Web browser without having to install additional software on a PC or similar device.

PayMail provides numerous functions, and allows you to check the progress of the quote, from invoicing to receipt of the customer payment.

New payment transactions are created using a user-friendly and self-explanatory user interface. Customer data can be either imported from existing CRM / ERP systems or dynamically saved and added. Invoices can be individually uploaded and attached to each individual transaction, whereas standard documents (such as terms and conditions) are added automatically.

The payment transactions that are created are sent to the end customers by e-mail / text message, whereby the invoice and other optional information are sent as an attachment to the e-mail. Regional adaptations are available for all of the most important languages. The branding and the legal information are adapted to the respective business requirements.

Invoices are paid on individual payment pages, which the customer is familiar with from making purchases in the online shop. These are generated when a new payment transaction is created. The payment page includes all of the relevant process information such as the name of the end customer, the reference to the specific invoice and the service that has been provided.

The payment options can vary depending on the country, but the typical payment options are always available.

Repair Order
If you need to extend the workshop order for a customer because unforeseen defects have occurred during an inspection, previously you had to call the customer and ask whether you should carry out the rest of the work. However, giving consent by telephone has very little legal certainty. With Repair Order by PayMail you can conveniently send photographs, videos and quotes to the customer by email, text message / WhatsApp or by app.

The customer can confirm the work directly online. You receive written confirmation of the work and can extend your order.

You can also sell accessories or Smart Repair orders, and therefore increase your turnover in the workshop.

Quote function
You can send any type of quote to your potential customer by email, text message / WhatsApp or by app using the PayMail quote function. The function allows you to send documents, photos and videos to the customer. The number of enclosed quotes is also unrestricted. The customer can view the quotes at his leisure at home or on his mobile and immediately decide online which quote he would like to accept. If the customer decides to accept a quote, he can also have a message sent to the bidder.

As an additional function, when a quote is accepted PayMail allows the customer to pay a partial amount as a deposit or the full amount as payment in advance directly online in PayMail. The bidder immediately receives the information that the customer has made the payment and can conclude the business.

Key box
If the customer cannot pick up his vehicle during normal business hours, PayMail has a key box facility.

Before the payment transaction takes place, the customer is asked whether he would like to pick up the vehicle during or outside business hours. If the customer decides to pick up the vehicle outside business hours, after successfully paying the service invoice he receives a PIN code for opening the key box.



PayMail includes a facility for setting up various loyalty programs within the system. This means that the dealer or a group of dealers can start and manage central or decentralized programs.


PayMail ONE includes a facility for creating an invoice directly in the system. The invoice is created in a standard form by the user, and saved as a PDF after creation. In order to make creation easier, products, invoice details etc. are saved and retrieved again for further invoicing.

Invoice delivery online
The sending of invoices is the main component of PayMail. As a company that provides individual services, you cannot normally operate a classic Web shop. Since the invoice amount is not known until the service has been provided, PayMail combines sending invoices with a facility for allowing the customer to pay the invoice directly online – like in a classic Web shop.

The customer receives the invoice by mail, text message / WhatsApp or by app, can check the invoice and pay directly online using his preferred payment method.

Invoice delivery by post
As well as online delivery, PayMail also makes it possible to automatically send invoices by post via partner companies. The invoice information is transmitted to our partner company, printed out, packed, stamped and dispatched.

You do not have to send the invoice yourself.

Payment types

As well as the classic credit card, PayMail has more than 350 payment types worldwide in the program. The payment types are enabled individually for each user depending on the dealer’s requirements, and can also be conveniently enabled or disabled by the dealer individually and within seconds via the Admin portal. The dealer therefore has full control of which payment types are to be available to the customer at all times.

Customer database
In order to allow you to create and manage your customers easily and clearly, a customer database is available from PayMail. This database is protected from access by other users using a role and rights concept. Only the responsible processing employee can view, manage and delete customer data.

You can assign various attributes to customers and block them for certain payment types, for example. If the customer is a defaulting payer, the payment reminder function can also be activated at shorter intervals.

Text messages
As well as dispatch by e-mail, PayMail also allows you to send information to customers using text messages.

However, this service must always be booked as an additional service.

PayMail gives companies and developers the opportunity to transfer all functionality into an existing system via the API.

Contact form for inquiring about the API

User Management
Users with roles and rights can be created and managed in every PayMail system. The number of users is restricted or unlimited, depending on the product.

The users can be managed and controlled by the administrator with little effort.

Document management
As well as sending invoices, other documents can be included with each e-mail. Standard documents may be terms and conditions, cancellation terms etc., for example.

Advertising documents can also be attached. PayMail allows you to control all documents centrally and provide them with an expiration date. This makes it possible to create and send advertising for a limited period.

Dunning / reminder function

If a customer does not pay within the required time, an automatic reminder function can be activated. This sends a reminder to the customer X days after the invoice has been sent. Receipt of payment is taken into consideration automatically and to the exact second when this takes place.

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PayMail emerged from the idea of making payment processes for services customer-friendly, quick, easy and digital. With PayMail you can take communication with your customers to a new level, and give them access to all of the most popular payment procedures. PayMail can bring more than 25 years of experience in the after-sales area in the automotive industry and more than 20 years of experience in the e-commerce and online payment area to bear. more

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